Welcome home, weary traveller

Welcome to the newly renovated home of ZOWEE PRODUCTIONS! We had fun at the old page, but those days, those halcyon days of our internet youth are gone. And since you cannot set fire, (as to hide the terrible mistakes of your past), to websites, (the way one does to high school yearbooks), you can still see it here.


For those visiting who are not our friends, family or Facebook stalkers, Zowee Productions is a proud-to-be-Philadelphia based production company. We recently finished principal photography on a human/puppet sitcom titled “Anhedonia: The Most Amazing Punk Rock Puppet Show Ever” and are currently in post-production building miniatures for pieces that will be stop-motion-animated! That’s right, our first project includes puppets, HUMANS, and stop motion animation as well as a super secret guest appearance from a hometown hero!

Now here’s were we get you, in order to find out more, you’ll have to check back! Or just put this out of your mind forever, either way, I won’t know.






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